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Poo-Poo Rescue Toilet Spray | 4 fluid ounces | Air and Bowl Freshener

Poo-Poo Rescue Toilet Spray | 4 fluid ounces | Air and Bowl Freshener

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Poo-Poo Rescue Toilet Spray: The hero your bathroom deserves! Say goodbye to embarrassing bathroom moments with amazing formula! It's like magic in a bottle.

Available Scents: See photo

Also available unscented so you can add your own fragrance. We recommend 7.5-10% fragrance load, but be sure to check IFRA limits.

Wholesale Order Minimums per Fragrance: 4 Bottles

In-Store Tester: Available for an additional charge

Product Size: 4 fluid oz (59 mL)

Please Note: Bottle shape and sprayer color has changed.

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Directions for a Bathroom Miracle: Give the bottle a good shake before you unleash its power. Spritz 4-5 times into the bowl to create a fragrant force field. Go about your business like a bathroom boss. Hit that flush button, and let our spray work its enchantment. If you're feeling extra cautious, add a couple more sprays after the flush. No odorous surprises here!

Safety Precautions: Use this product strictly according to the provided instructions. To ensure safety, please keep this product out of the reach of children and pets. Avoid ingestion or direct skin contact. If sprayed into the air, it may create slippery surfaces.

Ingredients: see photo

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